Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals

The Company

PST is a privately held, professional cargo-handling company that provides expert vessel loading and unloading services for the global maritime transportation industry in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. A wholly owned subsidiary of The Pasha Group, PST is the third largest independent West Coast terminal operator, holding several long-term leases with the port.

Breakbulk Specialists

As breakbulk specialists, we combined our talents and decades of hands-on experience in the field of general and heavy-lift cargo with our container capabilities to operate the only true omni-terminal in the Port of Los Angeles.

The Omni-Terminal

The omni-terminal concept involves a terminal designed to accommodate a multitude of commodities in addition to standard ocean-going containers. Our team of professionals maintains the highest productivity, while offering customers the flexibility necessary to accommodate such a diverse range of cargo. As has been our experience, a vessel could require we lift a 428-ton petroleum cracker or 125 feet-long refinery reactor and then immediately revert to handling containers or bundles of steel or forest products.

Proactive, Interactive and Innovative

PST is proud of its reputation as being proactive, interactive and innovative in all our vessel and terminal operations, equipment design and alternative fuels testing, and physical safety and security issues.

A Teamwork Approach that Works

A teamwork approach is in everything we do, internally and externally. It is one of the cornerstones of our operating philosophy.

We have partnered with customers on many levels to ensure their success. We have taken our expertise globally, instructing loading ports of the most efficient stowage methods to use in order to save costs and increase production upon discharge on the U.S. West Coast.

Working with a customer and the railroad, we designed a better, safer railcar for carrying specialized heavy steel slabs. PST also worked with the federal government, writing a security plan that is being implemented at port facilities across the nation.

Industry and Community

We are proud of the achievements of our management staff and steady work force. And we are dedicated to continuing our active role in the industry and community.