State-of-the-art equipment
with a safety-first approach.

Security and Safety

PST saw the need and developed the solution.
PST was at the forefront in recognizing the need for enhanced physical security on cargo terminals. We led the way in the development of security measures and wrote the guidelines that are being utilized in the Port of Los Angeles, ensuring port security within the nation's busiest port complex. These guidelines were also adopted nationally for breakbulk terminals.

In recognition of Pasha's proactive work in focusing on protecting the ships — the moving targets, we became one of only two businesses in the port complex, and one of 79 nationwide, to receive available federal grant funding in response to our application. This was a great acknowledgment by the government that they place great confidence in PST's ability to put these funds to the best use in enacting our proposed security enhancements.

Interactive programs train for safety.
Our employees and our clients' cargo are extremely valuable. Safe working conditions and careful cargo handling are paramount. PST is ever-vigilant in maintaining crucial safety standards and working conditions at all times.

We provide on-going safety training for management, staff and union labor to ensure federal and state OSHA requirements are not just met, but are surpassed. Our safety manager is in the field daily, interacting with labor and management to ensure personnel safety.

A safe and green environment.
PST recognizes the ecological impact industry has on our daily lives. We are vigilant in exploring ways to address such "green" issues. We were one of the first terminals to employ emulsified diesel fuels in a test environment. Pasha will be working closely with the ports in their on-going efforts in this direction.


The "Safety First" philosophy is embodied by Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals companywide for both physical security and operational safety.

Client services include M&R and monitoring containers, chassis and refrigerated cargo systems in compliance with the FHWA/State of California BIT program.

PST staff and labor at all levels of the organization participate with suppliers in the design and specifications of all equipment purchased to accommodate diverse cargo requirements. PST is renowned for developing certified special designs and equipment modifications with unique equipment specification criteria.

All pieces of equipment, special attachments and gear are engineered to safely enhance cargo handling, ensure optimum productivity and reduced maintenance and repairs. This is necessary due to the complexities inherent in handling mixed commodities ex-vessel, warehousing activities arid heavy weight movements on the terminal.

Expert mechanics perform and maintain records of preventative maintenance services on all equipment and yard vehicles.

PST’s stock of equipment includes:

  • 60-MT and 100-MT RTMG cranes
  • Tophandlers and Sidehandlers
  • 45-ton long-wheelbase Taylors refined for slabs and projects
  • 32-ton forklifts converted into coil probe machines
  • Large, yacht bridles to guide yachts direct to water or dock
  • Premium mafi trailers, bombcarts, UTRs
  • Paper handling equipment
  • "Gear Tree Coding" enabling labor visual access to soft gear assortment for vessel Quick Response Program
  • Forklifts from 2T to 45T capacity