PST is passionate about its cargo
vessels and its carrier customers.

Vessel Operations

PST's skilled management and reliable work force share invaluable years of experience in a partnership that attains unrivaled production levels to save customers’ time and money.

By perfecting the art of stevedoring mixed steel products arriving from all parts of the globe, PST achieves optimum proficiency in discharging overweight coils and steel slabs with our swift gantry cranes.

PST continues to bring the "California Stow" to more locations around the world, providing specialized stowage training for shippers. Our streamlined cargo techniques have demonstrated success by reducing costs we pass along to our customers with competitive rates, which enable them to be competitive and profitable in the global marketplace.

As a stevedoring group, PST provides vessel services at other facilities in addition to the terminals we operate. This enables PST to provide ancillary resources for other operators and expand our expertise to non-traditional commodities, such as bulk scrap.

Terminal Operations

Wide open space.
Three of our facilities provide a combined 89 acres of valuable open land, ideal for segregating multiple sorts of beams, pipe, rod tubing and plate. These facilities are well lit for night operations for the vessel, yard and terminal delivery.

Flexible delivery times.
PST allows trucking companies to schedule appointments for night deliveries, thereby increasing truckers' productive times, averting traffic congestion and saving fuel costs, while at the same time contributing to improved air quality. Night deliveries also make for less dayside traffic on the terminals, which leads to faster and better utilization of existing space and resources.

Extensive covered storage.
Our warehouses, protected by 24-hour guard service, provide nearly half-a-million square feet of combined covered storage for steel coils, top hats, banded sheet and other weather-sensitive cargoes until ready for delivery. Large-capacity dock forklifts outfitted with coil probe attachments transport heavy coils to warehouses. Later, the coils are delivered to trucks or loaded onto gondola railcars for inland transport.

Container Operations

PST’s renowned container operations offer the following services and benefits:

  • Three 41-MT gantry cranes serve container and breakbulk vessels calling at PST's omni-terminal, Berths 174-181.
  • A radically new container terminal design and operation offers significant improvements to receiving and delivery turn times and transshipment interchanges.
  • Third-party container stevedoring services for major carriers, having recently built a new start-up terminal to handle one's transition period.
  • A full fleet of container-handling equipment includes UTR/bombcarts, tophandlers, sidehandlers and truck scales accommodating wheeled and grounded operations for all-container or combo container-breakbulk carriers requiring special omni services.
  • Computer systems support container operations with stowage planning, terminal receiving and delivery, and on-line customer retrieval of vital cargo and equipment tracking and availability information.
  • Facilitation of customers' operational constraints, whether weekdays, weekends or nights, to expedite cargo transportation and maximize efficiency.
  • On-dock terminal maintenance equipment for dry containers, chassis and reefer equipment pre-tripping and maintenance.
  • U.S. Customs/USDA inspectors do on-site tailgate inspections and inventory compliance, as required.